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saponification à froid


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Surgras bread, a face cleansing and softening treatment to complete make-up removal. Composed of 100% organic vegetable oils enriched with cold extract of Mauve des Bauges flowers, pink clay, macadamia and shea butter with nourishing and soothing properties that leaves skin soft, clean and softened.

* Finally a cleanser that doesn't dry out the skin.

* A natural scent of wild mountain lavender - SNÖ bioflowers -

* Handcrafted in 8 weeks by our soap maker l'Essentiel par Nature et Progrès.


Our ingredients: Vegetable olive oil* Sodium Olivate*, Vegetable coconut oil* Sodium Cocoate*, Shea butter* Sodium Shea butterate*, natural glycerin from cold saponification, Glycerin, aqua, wild lavender oil*, Lavandula angustifolia oil*, Illite, Pink clay, Kaolin, Macadamia oil*, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed oil*, Mallow flower extract*, Malva Sylvestris flower extract, Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol natural content in oils. *from organic farming 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin 99% of the ingredients are from organic farming Certified by Nature et Progrès Handcrafted production labeled "SAF" master soap maker l'Essentiel 73460 Cléry holder of the Nature mention & Progress.


This cold saponified soap gently cleanses your skin by providing natural hydration. It can be used once or twice a day for facial cleansing and make-up removal. OUR DOUBLE CLEANSING: For make-up skin, start with a hazelnut of Miraculous Balm to dissolve the make-up then rinse with the foam of this soap activated by your damp cotton, massage your foamy cotton on the face then rinse with lukewarm water. Finally, gently pat your skin dry with a clean, dry towel. Precaution: in the event of projection in the eyes, rinse abundantly with clear water.


The cold saponified soap is therefore extra gentle and suitable for all skin types and the whole family. It is also good for washing the body without drying it out, and allows the cleaning of sensitive, delicate skin, even that of babies and children. – for pregnant women, infants, people with allergic conditions This soap being rinsed and its Mountain Lavender essential oil used in very low concentration, its use is possible during pregnancy and in children. – for dry skin prone to atopy: complete it with Mon Baume Miraculeux. – for oily skin with imperfections, acne, excess sebum: it will leave your skin clear. EXPLANATION: A cold saponified handmade soap keeps its natural vegetable glycerin The artisanal method requires know-how and precious molding and drying time of more than 8 weeks while it solidifies in 3 minutes. However, in industry it is not possible to manufacture large quantities. It's too fast a process to be poured into molds. So manufacturers have added water to slow solidification (which can last up to 1 week instead of 3 minutes). The water added in hot manufacturing (like that of the famous Marseille soap) has the property of causing Glycerin which then becomes a second product of saponification much more profitable, as it is sold 50 times more expensive than soap. The soap then becomes a by-product of the manufacture of Glycerin. The soap, without its natural glycerin, then becomes more aggressive on the skin. Unfortunately containers of soap (without glycerin) arrive from Asia in shavings and we are content to put them in a mold in France. So, as these soaps without natural vegetable glycerin are too detergent, we now manufacture "soap-free soaps" made from petrochemicals, also called "Syndets", which have a neutral pH7, but which are filled with chemical ingredients that are harmful to the skin and the body. But, you can only make a real soap in an artisanal way. We do not know how to make it industrially. To be sure that your soap is of good quality, we have had it produced in an ancestral "artisanal" and "cold saponified" way. Perhaps you have already used soaps that have left you feeling tight and uncomfortable, so this is an opportunity to try a cold saponified soap and see the difference! This soap made by hand by my soap maker in Savoie is similar to a treatment and offers real benefits for the skin, let's find out why.



    Is it a cream or a serum?

    Indeed MA CREME SOURCE is a light, non-greasy formulation called "SERUM" and which is used under MY ETERNAL OIL because it will first deeply moisturize and then regenerate the stratum corneum.

    How long can I keep it?

    MA CREME SOURCE can be kept for 6 months once opened, it must be kept out of direct sunlight and below 25°C if possible.

    Can I use it around the eyes?

    Absolutely, our products are perfectly adapted to the contours of the eyes without essential oils or synthetic perfume.

    Can I use it pregnant?

    Yes absolutely, our face range is formulated without essential oils and is not photo-sensitizing and therefore suitable for pregnant women (except our sports massage)

    Is it recommended for problem skin, pimples?

    Yes absolutely, it is suitable for hormonal acne because it is non-comedogenic.

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