Our SNÖ ANGELS are there to read you, listen to you, encourage you and why not coach you... Our heart is to share our experience which has freed us in our life as a mother, wife, sister, friend because we believe that a healing our emotions frees our skin.



    Libérée de son besoin de devenir une STAR

    Sandra est une ex-mannequin de chez Elite qui a parcouru le monde à la recherche de sa vraie identité. Elle est aujourd’hui pasteur avec une formation de psychologue et elle accompagne les femmes en particulier à se réconcilier avec la beauté de leur valeur intérieure. Elle est mariée et mère de 6 garçons.

    Sandra a créé différentes formations et parcours thérapeutiques en ligne et partage notamment ses perles sur sa chaîne YouTube et son compte Instagram.

    Je lui écris


    Healed from her lost baby

    This coaching will allow you to have a global perspective on voluntary or involuntary pregnancy loss. She will give you concrete tools to help women and their partners facing a pregnancy crisis. She will participate in being taught by women who have experienced this trauma with key topics such as the origins of life, contraception, denial, adoption and pregnancy terminations.

    I write to her


    Life coach

    I would never have believed a few years ago that I could do anything with my life or even manage to create anything. If I have gained this confidence, it is because I have learned from my deep wounds and learned from my many failures. Through different situations, I understood that to reveal oneself was to be fully sure of knowing who one really is. Today after having discovered the path of personal development, my mission is to reveal the potential of women. My challenge is to help them become aware of the incredible abilities they have within them. Give them lasting keys to well-being so that they can move forward independently. Because each of us is more than important.

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    Healed from anorexia

    shares with you his journey of recovery from anorexia related to his anxiety Anorexia nervosa and anxiety work as a team! And nobody likes being part of this team…
    "After several years, I stopped reaching out to catch this buoy. I thought I was going to sink. At the beginning, it costs so much to let go of something without knowing what will come next, without knowing if it will be better or worse. You have courage, you will succeed! Facing your fears is scary, but you have to confront them, look them in the face to resurface. When we know who we are and why we were created, anxiety evaporates like mist on a glass surface."

    I write to her
à fleur de peau

The skin receives, the skin transmits. The skin vibrates and the skin lives. The skin reflects our emotions.

It is classic today to consider that outbreaks of psoriasis, herpes, eczema or acne are favored by stress and annoyance. But Dr. Danièle Pomey-Rey, dermatologist and psychoanalyst at Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris, goes further. According to her, 80% of skin diseases have a psychological origin: “A person who is affected by it is someone who has a lot to say, but who does not succeed. He then speaks with his skin. Our epidermis seems to have its own language, responsible for relaying all the unspoken things in our lives. The reasons for this interaction between the brain and the skin are simple: they both have the same embryological origin! They are formed at the same time, on the twenty-first day of embryonic development.

Connection with a SNÖ Angel

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