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100% natural skincare - what does this really mean?

So many skincare brands claim to be “natural”. But if you take a closer look at their ingredient list, you’ll find that very few of them actually keep to what they claim.


In fact, by saying a product is “of natural origins” just means that it’s extracted from at least one natural material. However, there are no percentage requirements as to how much of the product has to be derived from natural ingredients. You may also find that these listed natural components have often undergone many transformations.


At SNÖ ETERNELLE, the origin of all our ingredients are natural and when we add active ingredients to our formulas, we use only the purest of organic compounds straight from nature itself.

This philosophy means that our products are 100% natural and are guaranteed free from parabens, mineral oils and petrolatums, PEG, PPG, MEA, DEA and TEA, phthalates, silicones and sulfates. No synthetic preservatives, stabilizers, fillers, fragrances or colors are added to any of our products. We would never compromise the quality of our formulas. Neither do we use synthetic or potentially harmful ingredients in order to extend shelf life or produce a different texture or distinct color. For us, 100% natural cosmetics means 100% pure.

Our ingredients: 100% natural

Our products are packed with natural vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids often, which perform better than their synthetic counterparts. This is because their molecular structures have more affinity with healthy skin. Scientists and chemical engineers have thoroughly tested all of our ingredients to ensure the highest quality, safety and efficiency. Our plant based oils, essential oils and our plant extracts enrich our formulas with pleasing natural scents.

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Creator of Authenticity

Spending her childhood on skis between La Clusaz and Talloires, Raphaëlle was a freestyle skiing champion before migrating to a natural field of organic cosmetics. From her magical lakeside setting: Raphaëlle Monod-Sjöström loves her home and what the surrounding nature feeds her!


From her workshop in Talloires, we can hear her soft and calming voice praise the merits of natural skincare. She’s come a long way from the 90’s, racing down the moguled pistes at lightning speed, achieving an incredible number of titles and medals: 20 World Cup victories, 45 podiums, Women’s World Champion and Olympic medalist during her first Olympics.


The memories from her era of freestyle skiing are still alive and vibrant. She remembers the world before the current age of digital, the days when people still turned up in huge crowds to support sports competitions: “I remember 20,000 people who came to see us in La Clusaz, it was unbelievable !”

Creator of 100% natural skincare

Raphaëlle has always had a love and strong respect for this domain and link to nature, carrying her through her years of skiing and helping her flourish and grow. After her high-flying sports career,  years of working alongside her husband in commercial photography and her continued passion for taking care of herself in an organic and natural way – for example, through clay baths, essential oils and picking St. John’s Wort flowers and arnica every summer  – she decided to move into developing her own line of organic skincare ten years ago.


“I wanted to nurture my dream: taking care of people and offer them tailor-made organic products. I am passionate about natural therapies and have always sought this authenticity of care. “


So much so, that for a while now she has been running regular skincare workshops for creating creams and other skin serums and after years of research and investment with a partner laboratory, she launched her own brand, Snö Eternelle in 2016. These products are all 100% natural and organic, based on essential oils. She continues to welcome the public to her workshops, in partnership with an esthetician and a nutri-therapist.