SNÖ is certified BIO Cosmos, Crueltyfree but is also formulated with 100% natural ingredients and 100% organic active ingredients.


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More and more cosmetic brands are using ecological or environmental claims and values to attract or reassure their consumers, whilst continuing to use synthetic or processed ingredients.

Only certification guarantees the clean and natural composition of products, giving transparency for the consumer and respect for the environment and animal welfare.

Obtaining certifications for our products has always been both a matter of course and a requirement for us. 100% of SNÖ Eternelle products are certified by these 4 labels:

COSMEBIO certification stipulates that the minimum level of organic ingredients and of natural origin in the finished product must be 95% and that a minimum of 10% of ingredients must be organic out of the total product. When processing natural ingredients, the reagents used must be natural. Ingredients of animal origin are prohibited unless they are naturally produced by them (honey, milk, etc.). GMOs are prohibited as are synthetic dyes and fragrances, silicones and parabens. The packaging must be recyclable or biodegradable and kept to a minimum. 

No palm oils and derivatives COSMOS (“Cosmetic Organic Standard”) certification applies to all new products launched after January 2017. This new label replaces the Quality France and ECOCERT labels. It is one of the most demanding for organic and natural cosmetics with the following additional criteria:

* At least 20% of the total product must be organic ingredients, including water (and no longer 10% as before).

* All ingredients and their derivatives must be unpolluted.

* Neither should the finished product nor its ingredients be subject to ionizations (alpha, beta, gamma, X rays, etc.).

* The packaging must be environmentally friendly, recyclable and energy efficient. It will be made with materials that have a material recovery channel. Overwrapping, such as cellophane wrapping, is prohibited.

* Sprayers, atomizers or foggers using pressurized gas such as propane, n-butane, or isobutane are prohibited.

* The company must commit to a process of improving waste management: sorting, recycling or treating all waste.

The COSMOS label is on the way to becoming the most widely used standard in the world.


PETA’s “Cruelty Free” certification certifies that no testing is performed on animals, either on finished products or on raw materials.

In addition, no animal matter is present in the composition of our products (no beeswax, honey, milk derivatives, etc.) or palm oils.

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