“Passionate about natural treatments since my years in the French ski team in order to stay at the highest level, I treated myself with aromatherapy. In addition, I trained in CLEAN cosmetics by partnering with the French Laboratory, a pioneer of 100% natural products, to develop this ORGANIC & COMMITTED skincare line in short circuits by favoring small series in order to guarantee the Freshness of the active ingredients.”
Raphaëlle Sjöström
It all started during my years of competition in the World Cup…
The numerous anti-doping controls linked to my status as a high-level sportswoman prohibited me from using traditional medicines, a simple cough syrup could turn out to be positive in the control. So I naturally turned to aromatherapy to relieve myself of the little ailments of daily life thanks to plants.
“My knee rehabilitation was done in sulfur-rich clay baths in Turkey”
After years of being exposed to cold, wind and sun, my skin has developed sensitivity and intolerance to synthetic ingredients. “I realized that my cosmetic routines at the time were causing me skin allergies. It was then that I began to develop my first homemade formulas.”
So, passionate about mountain plants and trained with the greatest Swiss botanists, in 2010 I created my bio-cosmetic workshop in Talloires, on the shores of Lake Annecy. The “SNÖ Beauty Lab” – Coaching in the creation of tailor-made natural treatments.
With a personal objective: To develop the essential 100% natural organic solution for the care of allergic skin.
In addition to the values ​​of self-discipline and respect, mastering the virtues of plants is part of the legacy of my years of competition.
Our Partner Laboratory
Together we created a French organic cosmetics brand
Natural excellence
  • Harmonizing Nature and Science to formulate the best of efficacy and safety even for sensitive skin:
  • Favor 100% natural ingredients grown without pesticides or chemicals or from organic medicinal plants.
  • Select natural active ingredients that can compete in effectiveness with benchmark active ingredients in conventional dermatology and cosmetics.
  • Submitting its formulas to in vitro and in vivo clinical tests and sensory analyzes to assess their effectiveness and sensoriality.
  • Evaluate the efficacy and tolerance of its formulas under dermatological control, on large panels.
  • Use exclusively 100% natural fragrances, unique creations.
  • Exclude from its formulas paraben, aluminum salts, silicones, surfactants from petrochemicals, mineral oils, PEG, Phenoxyethanol, any synthetic ingredient.
  • Offer packaging with the minimum amount of plastic

    Our Family History

    Our Family History

    SNÖ Eternelle is also a family business. 

    My husband, Christoffer Sjöström, is the author of these magnificent photos of mountains which perfectly illustrate the identity of SNÖ Eternelle.
    Baptiste, our 24-year-old son, passionate about skiing, combines this love for the mountains, with audiovisual, to produce our pretty teasers.
    Our daughters, Juliette and Janelle, make me think about the future of our skin, and I want to protect them from all the synthetic substances that we find in many of our daily cosmetics.

    Remembering my muscle care oil