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... ZERO WASTE ... A GIFT for 7 containers returned

The deposit, together for better recycling.

Thanks to you, we will be able to clean the containers received and offer them a sustainable life cycle.

We will be happy to offer you "MY CLEANSING CARE" in exchange with your next order.

Send us 7 empty and CLEAN jars and bottles with your first and last name to SNO ETERNELLE - 154 route des vignes 74290 TALLOIRES France

We advise you to keep your containers at home until you can send them back by 7: more economical, more ecological!
The postage costs are around 4.95 euros.

Our recycled soap dish


YOUR WOODEN COVER : Turn the wooden cover over to put your soap on it, the water will flow into the stopper and dry your beautiful soap.

YOUR BOTTLE: For your synergies of essential oils for your multiple uses in aromatherapy.

YOUR CORK: Reuse your pretty natural beech cork to stick a candle in.