All the feelings that we cannot express with our mouth will be expressed later by our skin... It is classic, today, to consider that outbreaks of psoriasis, herpes, eczema or acne are favored by stress and annoyance. But Dr. Danièle Pomey-Rey, dermatologist and psychoanalyst at Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris, goes further. According to her, 80% of skin diseases have a psychological origin: “ A person who suffers from it is someone who has a lot to say, but who cannot. He then speaks with his skin. Our epidermis seems to have its own language, responsible for relaying all the unspoken things in our lives. The reasons for this interaction between the brain and the skin are simple: they both have the same embryological origin! They are formed at the same time, on the twenty-first day of embryonic development.

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  • hormonal acne  

    hormonal acne

    If you see acne reappearing in adulthood , it is called hormonal acne. It is mainly inflammatory and originates from a pore clogged by the overproduction of sebum. Female hormones such as progesterone and estrogen can be the cause of this overproduction of sebum as well as testosterone (male hormone) and cortisol (stress hormone), which is why stress can accentuate acne, but the cause of the skin lesions can also be an emotional cause.

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  • Menopause  


    We realized that many terms have negative connotations, as if simply going through a hormonal transition was synonymous with having reached a supposed end date. We take this opportunity to remind you that the received ideas in which we live are tough and that it is not as easy to get rid of them as we would like! It's normal and ok to have apprehensions or a preconception of menopause, since when we talk about it (very rarely), it's mostly in a negative way, but we're here to change that !

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  • eczema  


    The skin is a mirror of our hidden emotions. The skin, memory of our emotions. Whether it blushes in front of a compliment or vibrates under the caress, our epidermis seems to express all that we cannot say with words. A complex language that we are just beginning to decipher.

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  • Psoriasis  


    The presence of such links between the skin and the brain justifies the existence of psychodermatology, the work of a psychiatrist and a dermatologist working together to treat severe or disabling skin conditions. Lying on the couch to treat acne? " No. With a patient who comes for a skin problem, you have to work face to face and according to this problem”, specifies Danièle Pomey-Rey. She explains that psoriasis will thus lead them to approach suppressed anger; if it is eczema, it will be necessary to speak of his anguish; the hair loss will be linked to another loss; while acne may appear as a visible scar from bereavement. Mild antidepressants may be prescribed alongside these interviews. And the results are emerging: the skin gradually improves, the self-image is rehabilitated. Like a wound that would slowly close.

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