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  • 100% natural cosmetics - what are we talking about?

    So many skincare brands call themselves “natural”. But if you look closely at their ingredient lists, almost none of them actually match that claim.

    Indeed, the expression “of natural origin” just means that the product is extracted from at least one natural material. But no percentage of natural ingredient is required. And the natural components may have undergone many transformations.

    At SNO ETERNELLE, all our ingredients are of natural origin and when we add active ingredients to our formulations, we only choose compounds of natural origin.

    This philosophy means that our products are 100% natural and are guaranteed free of parabens, mineral oils and petrolatums, PEG, PPG, MEA, DEA and TEA, phthalates, silicones and sulphates. It also means we don't use any synthetic preservatives, stabilizers, fillers, fragrances or dyes. We would never compromise the purity of our formulations. Not with synthetic or potentially harmful ingredients simply to extend shelf life, to produce a different texture, or to create a distinct color. For us, 100% natural cosmetics means 100% purity.

  • Creator of authenticity

    A childhood on skis between La Clusaz and Talloires. An impressive list of freestyle skiing champions and a natural retraining in the field of organic cosmetics. On the shores of the lake: Raphaëlle Monod-Sjöström loves her territory, and he gives it back!

    Difficult, when we listen to his soft and calm voice extolling the merits of natural care, in his workshop in Talloires. To imagine that she was able to hurtle down the mogul fields at lightning speed in the 1990s, to the point of accumulating an incredible number of titles and medals. 20 World Cup victories, 45 podiums, world champion and Olympic medalist during her first Olympic Games in demonstration.

    His memories are still very much alive of this pioneering era of freestyle skiing, before the digital age, when people still traveled en masse to attend sports competitions: “I remember 20,000 people coming to see us in La Clusaz, was unbelievable !"

  • Our ingredients: 100% natural

    Our ingredients: 100% natural

    And our ingredients work. They are filled with natural vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids. And often perform better than their synthetic counterparts because the molecular structures have more affinity with healthy skin. Scientists and chemical engineers have thoroughly tested all of our ingredients and ensured the highest quality, safety and efficacy. Our vegetable and essential oils and our plant extracts enrich our formulations with pleasant and natural scents.

  • Creator of 100% natural cosmetics

    This territory that has carried her and seen her grow, Raphaëlle has always loved and respected it. After her career as a high-level sportswoman, then years of working alongside her husband in publicity photography, she who had always treated herself naturally - clay baths, essential oils, picking St. John's wort flowers every summer and arnica. – decided to launch into organic cosmetics ten years ago.

    “I wanted to develop my dream: taking care of people, offering tailor-made products. I am passionate about natural therapies, I have always sought authenticity in care.”

    In fact, she has been leading workshops for the creation of creams and other serums for the skin for a long time. Then, after years of research and investment with a partner laboratory, in 2016 she launched her own brand, Snö Eternelle. These are 100% organic natural products, based on essential oils. She continues to receive the public for workshops, in partnership with a beautician and a nutri-therapist.